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Our heaters are compact, mobile, robust and therefore fit to operate underharsh conditions. They are specially designed to keep the temperaturecomfortable in tents and temporary shelters for personnel camps and fieldhospitals. They are developed, not only for military applications, but also forrescue- and humanitarian organizations.
Thermobile heaters are available from 25kW up to 75kW with built-in fueltank for operating at 16 hours full capacity or equipped with an external jerrycan connection. Our 200 kW model has an external fueltank connection.




  • User friendly, easy to operate and to transport
  • Installation without tools required
  • Good availability of spare parts
  • 16 hours fuel tank or jerry can / external fuel tank connection
  • High efficiency heat exchanger 91%
  • Average outlet temperature ΔT 50 °C
  • Polar versions operation down to -40 °C
  • Recirculation of pre-heated air results in a 25% fuel saving




For warm climate conditions we have developed a new range of mobile
coolers with an operating range from 8 kW until 34 kW. They can be used
for small personnel tents as well as for larger temporary buildings or
In areas with large temperature differences we offer a reverse heating
function as an option. Our cooling units are standard equipped with a
recirculation connection to return already chilled air to the cooler for a
higher efficiency.  


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