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Indirect natural gas fired


Working principle

  • 100% clean and dry heat.
  • 91,5% efficiency.
  • Fresh air supply for the burner.
  • Large air throw of 45 meter.
  • Low noise level of 68 dBA (5 m).
  • Suitable for gas G25, G20 and G31.


  • This indirect fired heater is ideal for use in areas where products of combustion, CO2 or water vapour may be detrimental and are not required.
  • Combustion gases are discharged via a flue system and the burner is supplied with fresh outside air, ensuring that clean warm air only is blown into the room.
  • Due to its large air throw of 45 metres, a good air circulation and heat distribution is guaranteed and if applicable, less support ventilators are required.
  • Optionally, the heater can be equipped with a modulating burner for more precise temperature control.
  • The heat exchanger is accessible via service panels and the heater can easily be cleaned with compressed air or a high pressure washer.
  • The heater is suitable for both natural gas and propane


  • Stainless steel casing.
  • Robust tubular heat exchanger.
  • Closed combustion system.
  • Flexible flue material.
  • No CO2 in the house.
  • Up to 25% energy saving due to less ventilation being required.
  • Optional modulating burner control.
  • Easy to service.
  • CE approved.



  • Heating of sheds, and workshops.
  • Drying of agricultural products.
  • Without risk of harmful CO2 and CO emission.


  • Heating of greenhouses and polytunnels.
  • Without risk of harmful CO2 and CO emission.


  • Heating of factories and transit sheds.


  • Heating of pig and poultry houses.
  • Without risk of harmful CO2 and CO emission.
Agriculture Horticulture Industry Livestock
Propane gas

Technical specifications

1 kW = 860 kcal/h 1 kW = 3413 Btu/h 1 kW = 3,6 mJ/h 1 kg = 1,2 l/h

Part number Model Capacity (kW) Max. gas cons. (m3/hr) Gas 25-Gas 20 Heated air flow (m3/hr) Air throw (m) Power consumption 230V (Amps) Thermostat connection
41.800.000 ITLS 80 80 8,1 - 9,0 6.000 45 4,1 YES

Dimensions and weights

  Measures mounted (cm) Height inclusive fan (cm)
Model   L W H KG
ITLS 80 179 89 105 200 118


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